Yigal Ozeri & Brian Booth Craig: Personification

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Yigal Ozeri and Brian Booth Craig: Personification

In conjunction with Louis K. Meisel Gallery, we are pleased to present Personification: Yigal Ozeri and Brian Booth Craig, a presentation of contemporary realism. Yigal Ozeri, a Photorealist painter, and Brian Booth Craig, a bronze sculptor, are two realist artists, who portray contemporary narratives through the use of the figure. This dual-man exhibition is the first exclusive presentation for these artists in the Palm Springs area. Ozeri and Booth Craig are masters in visual character development. Working with different motifs, these artists masterfully convey emotions and storylines, while incorporating only a few elements in their compositions. Their works draw from traditional symbols and references, however, each artist does so through a fresh contemporary lens. Yigal Ozeri, an Israeli Photorealist, has cited inspiration from the Pre-Raphaelite artwork of the 1850s. His paintings depict modern women engaging with nature and possess a dream-like quality. As a counter-balance to Ozeri's beautiful and subdued imagery, Brian Booth Craig's powerful subjects use contemporary gestures and talismans to convey a sense of agency. Despite the Classical references in his work, Booth Craig's sculptures clearly portray 21st century figures in moments of self-assertion. The juxtaposition of these two figurative artists is sure to create boundless room for examination.

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